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Modi’s Delhi: A Slaughterhouse for Muslims

Delhi: A Slaughterhouse for Muslims

Emad Ahmad, a graduate student in gender studies in Delhi’s popular Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), two weeks ago spoke to media warning the world to take notice of the situation in Delhi. Ahmad has been involved in nationwide protests against Narendra Modi’s new anti-muslim citizenship law since December when it was enacted after passing through the legislature. The ruling nationalist

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Hindu-Muslim Riots in New Delhi: Another Gujarat Model?

Delhi Hindu-Muslim Riots

The ongoing trends in Indian society are alarming. This time, the stage under the Saffron Revolutionary is set in the capital city, New Delhi. The very genesis of the ongoing Delhi riots stemmed from new bill passed in Indian Parliament named ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ (CAA). The law considered to be discriminatory against Muslim in India. After the enactment of law,

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Gangotri of Misinformation & Injustice


National Investigation Agency (NIA) in India’s Haryana state absolved four people charged in the Samjhota Express besieging case. Likewise, an application recorded by Pakistani inhabitant, Rahila Wakil, was rejected by the court. “The NIA Special Court has reasoned that the examining office has neglected to demonstrate the intrigue charge and decided that [the] blamed merit an advantage for [the] question,”

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The World to Take Notice of the Racist and Communal Designs of RSS in India

racist and communal designs RSS India

Alas! There is no end to the persecution of Muslims after the suspension of Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which grants autonomy to Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state. The provision, written to help preserve the state’s religious and ethnic identity, largely prohibits members of India’s Hindu majority from settling there. Modi had flooded Kashmir with troops and detained hundreds

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