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Recall to Learn

R-ecall mother’s care E-verything , Everywhere C-arried a baby can’t call A-nd you grown-up! L-ove, Affection and Emotions L-et it flash back to Devotion Let it be clear Eager to recall What want you to be Eagle to be Hills to reside Also Read: A Nightmare Nurtured well Lessoned to learn Not to be harshen Rather to be soften And

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The Zion

Oh, I Am in the masquerade The creatures of the land speak Sprechstimme Sanctimoniously, I smug myself in the pageant Where I and You exit? You’re eyes are gleaming in the flux of span Oh! the masquerade party has toasted the velleity Taboos taboos! The magic magic! The hex turns the mortal into inert Where Am I God? GOD: “In

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Sleep Means to Minimize

Sleep Dream

Considered commonly by commons One needs to dream a sleep A sleep when to feel a peace Being free of a being Tho reality reveals Merely nerves to nerve Sufficiently sufficient To explore a world A world of individuals Alive, Arise, Nobles, Noisy A sense of done nothing And the parts partly remaining To inquire a world A world of

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Poetry: Dotish


A nincompoop imagines jerky jazzy ally Himself half mate of two termagants His lavish virility desires are clueless from the end. The devilish thirsty guy visualizes his matrimony as a Grail goal The lusty thirsty man decides to taste another lavish divvy nymph Accidentally gets a holly jolly girl like a soft wind of Storm. Man slow down his sexo

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