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A Tale of Financial Aspects of Countering Terrorism

Money Laundering Terror Financing FATF

Proactive measures need to be met at war-footing to discourage remaining terror financing and money laundering loopholes in our legal, executive and regulatory regime. Compliance remains in Pakistan’s national interest as it will help improve Pakistan’s international standing

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Slavery is such a toxic phenomenon that it pierces through the soul and spirit of the enslaved nation. It transforms otherwise normal human beings into apes by destroying their values and ideals. Presenting them with ostensibly more superior and alternative modes of being. Enslaved people are made to hate their own roots and are made to believe that they are

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High Time to Objectively Analyze the Distorted Indo-Bengali Version of 1971 War

Distorted Indo-Bengali Version of 1971 War

It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies Noam Chomsky Since the gloomy evening of 16 December 1971, the relationship between Pakistan and Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) has remained to be a topsy-turvy terrain. This relationship has remained to be a prisoner of the past that has been replete with historic misconceptions and misperceptions

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Was Davinder Singh an Asset of Indian Deep State?

Davinder Singh an Asset of Indian Deep State

BJP Government led by Modi has adopted a strange strategy in Kashmir by deliberately escalating tension at the LoC in order to divert attention from the deteriorating situation in IOJ&K. The international pressure in connection with human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian security forces has put India in a defensive position. In a state of mind, India is trying

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Afghan Quagmire

Afghan Quagmire US Taliban deal

Afghanistan, a graveyard of the empires, is all set to avail the historic opportunity yet again. Recently, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a televised address signaled Reduction in Violence (RIV) which began from Friday for a week. The negotiations started during 2018 faced an abrupt setback when Taliban attack killed an American soldier. The revival of the talks proved that

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