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Don’t time a fly

Don’t time a fly to flee If a fly flees to flowers Better they be plucked This is a luck they lack Let not a bee to flee Bee should be bound let her to frown If she would be freed To do so she needs The nectar will be sucked Let the flowers enjoy The liberty they have Also

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Recall to Learn

R-ecall mother’s care E-verything , Everywhere C-arried a baby can’t call A-nd you grown-up! L-ove, Affection and Emotions L-et it flash back to Devotion Let it be clear Eager to recall What want you to be Eagle to be Hills to reside Also Read: A Nightmare Nurtured well Lessoned to learn Not to be harshen Rather to be soften And

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Hollow Guts

Hollow Man

A light is disabled, the darkness is gloved The Blinds are watching twinkling Stars Ruined land is fulfilled with the green desert It is a paradise of taboos The creatures are thinking The shiny eyes are wishing that the tyrant will turn the ferus into magnificent estate Sorrow of hopelessness is crumbling the hollow man Until the Light will be

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Sleep Means to Minimize

Sleep Dream

Considered commonly by commons One needs to dream a sleep A sleep when to feel a peace Being free of a being Tho reality reveals Merely nerves to nerve Sufficiently sufficient To explore a world A world of individuals Alive, Arise, Nobles, Noisy A sense of done nothing And the parts partly remaining To inquire a world A world of

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