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ad libitum

ad libitum-Storms-Sufferings

gathered the storms, and gathered the winds of undying suffering. sufferings of pleasure, psychedelics of exalted warmth stalked and stumbled around the planetary man; the dying and the undying the man and the un-man        both together excited to the darkest night. who lost is unknown to me; the wall blears the boundary. unfixed the shape, darkness deepens the dancing

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Earthen Duchess

Beautiful Bride Duchess Groom

Beautiful bride’s bulky breast Shining with her yellowish greenish flowering headdress A gentle sun is flirting by pouring shimmery light The bended hairstyle of feathers lyres are touching her height The shyness of virgin lady is glowing her cheeks blush The gentleman is touching with flaming flesh This is her first meeting with her gentle groom. Slying romance is starting

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