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Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara by Jorge G. Cataneda

There was no person more feared by the company (CIA) than Che Guevara because he had the capacity and charisma necessary to direct the struggle against the political repression of the traditional hierarchies in power in the countries of Latin America. —Philip Agee, CIA agent from 1957–1968 [1]. Ernesto Guevara, more famously known as ‘Che’ Guevara was an Argentine born Marxist revolutionary and

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Book Review: Long Walk to Freedom

This is the story of one of the greatest political and moral leaders of our time. It is a remarkable and inspiring political struggle of the great Nelson Mandela, a hero, who remained steadfast in his fight against the apartheid and oppressive regime in South Africa. He successfully lead an incredible and decisive movement against the apartheid government in South

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Book Review: MAO By Philip Short

Mao Zedong Book Cover Page

China would soon take its place as the preeminent power in the world. It’s emergence as the global geopolitical and economic superpower cannot be fully comprehended without studying the life and struggle of the man who made China: Mao Zedong. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius, honored by the folk as the sage of the sages, once said Study the past

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