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A Tale of Financial Aspects of Countering Terrorism

Money Laundering Terror Financing FATF

Proactive measures need to be met at war-footing to discourage remaining terror financing and money laundering loopholes in our legal, executive and regulatory regime. Compliance remains in Pakistan’s national interest as it will help improve Pakistan’s international standing

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The Old Is Dying And The New Maybe Born

zeitgeist of neoliberalism-neoliberal-over Karl Marx

The zeitgeist of neoliberalism is over. It is the law of nature that all bubbles pop. So did the unnatural neoliberal bubble. There were protests all across the world, economic conditions were showing signs of massive cracks, politics was becoming more polarized, middle east was boiling as usual, oil routes and infrastructure was at risk like never before, debt, credit

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Smile in Times of CORONA

Times of CORONA Virus

Stop coughing for a while and pay attention to what you are reading. From the reaction of people to this corona virus it seems that they are already suffering from some sort of behavioral virus. The pandemic of Ministry of Fear is a more deadly virus than the corona virus. If you are sick and tired of life then it

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Modi’s Delhi: A Slaughterhouse for Muslims

Delhi: A Slaughterhouse for Muslims

Emad Ahmad, a graduate student in gender studies in Delhi’s popular Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), two weeks ago spoke to media warning the world to take notice of the situation in Delhi. Ahmad has been involved in nationwide protests against Narendra Modi’s new anti-muslim citizenship law since December when it was enacted after passing through the legislature. The ruling nationalist

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