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Illegal De-radicalization camp in India and Kashmir: A new way for Mental Torture

Deradicalization camp in Kashmir

The Kashmir conundrum has introduced alarming situation both in the region and globally. It has affected the socio-political fabrics of Kashmir region, mainly Kashmiri youth. The ongoing Kashmiri Intifada is the product of systemic marginalization of Kashmiris. The unfortunate scenario provided that international community and the world at large has turned away their priorities vis-à-vis national interests. Interestingly, recent demonstrations

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Transformation from Terrorism to Tourism: Prosper Pakistan

top tourism destinations of 2020

Smooth transition to a democratically elected government in 2018 election depicts political stability in Pakistan that was the fruit of stable law and order situation in the country. Pakistan is emerging as a regional economic hub and one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations. And indeed it is all possible due to improved security environment in Pakistan. That’s why;

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The World to Take Notice of the Racist and Communal Designs of RSS in India

racist and communal designs RSS India

Alas! There is no end to the persecution of Muslims after the suspension of Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which grants autonomy to Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state. The provision, written to help preserve the state’s religious and ethnic identity, largely prohibits members of India’s Hindu majority from settling there. Modi had flooded Kashmir with troops and detained hundreds

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International Mantra of Picking Holes & Above Board CPECA


South Asia is at crossroads of major powers’ Great Game, struggling to work on new avenues of cooperation for regional peace and prosperity. Rampant poverty, widespread inequalities and increasing development challenges together with the menace of climate change is calling for regional connectivity. As these issues are trans-national, their resolution requires regional solutions. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is flagship

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Agni III; Thy Name is Abysmal Failure

Agni-III Missile Night Test Failure

Though there is no need of it anymore, India is developing new nuclear force options. A deviation from its “credible minimum deterrence” (CMD) is not bearing fruits. However, India’s commitment to CMD is decreasing with the gradual weakening of elite support for India’s no-first-use policy. Scientific community is also pressurizing policy makers to field tactical nuclear weapons. Moreover, the shift

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