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Illegal De-radicalization camp in India and Kashmir: A new way for Mental Torture

Deradicalization camp in Kashmir

The Kashmir conundrum has introduced alarming situation both in the region and globally. It has affected the socio-political fabrics of Kashmir region, mainly Kashmiri youth. The ongoing Kashmiri Intifada is the product of systemic marginalization of Kashmiris. The unfortunate scenario provided that international community and the world at large has turned away their priorities vis-à-vis national interests. Interestingly, recent demonstrations

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Transformation from Terrorism to Tourism: Prosper Pakistan

top tourism destinations of 2020

Smooth transition to a democratically elected government in 2018 election depicts political stability in Pakistan that was the fruit of stable law and order situation in the country. Pakistan is emerging as a regional economic hub and one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations. And indeed it is all possible due to improved security environment in Pakistan. That’s why;

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Myth busters

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Myth busters

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported from Wuhan, China in December 2019. While everyone of us needs to protect from this fatal disease, we also need to dispel some of the myths surrounding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these are some of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) Myth busters Does it Effect only the Elderly?

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The Notorious Black Widow Spiders

The Black Widow Spiders

The Black widow spiders are much feared because of their venom: a scary 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake! These notorious creatures are identified by a colored, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens. Found in temperate regions around the world, if bites a human, can cause muscle aches, nausea, and a paralysis of the diaphragm. It’s bites can be deadly for

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Polar Bears Are Great Swimmers

Polar Bears in the Arctic

Polar bears dwell in the Arctic ice and swim in the coastal waters of that region. They use their large front paws to swim great distances and some of them have been seen swimming hundreds of miles away from the land. Through their thick coat of insulated fur covered with a warming layer of fat, polar bears survive in the

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