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Hindu-Muslim Riots in New Delhi: Another Gujarat Model?

Delhi Hindu-Muslim Riots

The ongoing trends in Indian society are alarming. This time, the stage under the Saffron Revolutionary is set in the capital city, New Delhi. The very genesis of the ongoing Delhi riots stemmed from new bill passed in Indian Parliament named ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ (CAA). The law considered to be discriminatory against Muslim in India. After the enactment of law,

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Afghan Quagmire

Afghan Quagmire US Taliban deal

Afghanistan, a graveyard of the empires, is all set to avail the historic opportunity yet again. Recently, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a televised address signaled Reduction in Violence (RIV) which began from Friday for a week. The negotiations started during 2018 faced an abrupt setback when Taliban attack killed an American soldier. The revival of the talks proved that

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One Year to Indo-Pak Aerial Combat: Surprise Day Celebration in Pakistan

Surprise Day Celebration in Pakistan Operation Swift Retort

The conventional wisdom resides with calculative moves by any army of the world. On February 27, 2019 an unfortunate episode in the history of Indian Army witnessed lack of conventional wisdom. It seemed wolf surrendered in the lion’s jaw. Though inspired by war mongering Indian left wing segments of the society, Prime Minister Modi undertook a sham decision to surprise

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Illegal De-radicalization camp in India and Kashmir: A new way for Mental Torture

Deradicalization camp in Kashmir

The Kashmir conundrum has introduced alarming situation both in the region and globally. It has affected the socio-political fabrics of Kashmir region, mainly Kashmiri youth. The ongoing Kashmiri Intifada is the product of systemic marginalization of Kashmiris. The unfortunate scenario provided that international community and the world at large has turned away their priorities vis-à-vis national interests. Interestingly, recent demonstrations

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