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Earthen Duchess

Beautiful Bride Duchess Groom

Beautiful bride’s bulky breast Shining with her yellowish greenish flowering headdress A gentle sun is flirting by pouring shimmery light The bended hairstyle of feathers lyres are touching her height The shyness of virgin lady is glowing her cheeks blush The gentleman is touching with flaming flesh This is her first meeting with her gentle groom. Slying romance is starting

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The Zion

Oh, I Am in the masquerade The creatures of the land speak Sprechstimme Sanctimoniously, I smug myself in the pageant Where I and You exit? You’re eyes are gleaming in the flux of span Oh! the masquerade party has toasted the velleity Taboos taboos! The magic magic! The hex turns the mortal into inert Where Am I God? GOD: “In

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Hollow Guts

Hollow Man

A light is disabled, the darkness is gloved The Blinds are watching twinkling Stars Ruined land is fulfilled with the green desert It is a paradise of taboos The creatures are thinking The shiny eyes are wishing that the tyrant will turn the ferus into magnificent estate Sorrow of hopelessness is crumbling the hollow man Until the Light will be

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Poetry: Dotish


A nincompoop imagines jerky jazzy ally Himself half mate of two termagants His lavish virility desires are clueless from the end. The devilish thirsty guy visualizes his matrimony as a Grail goal The lusty thirsty man decides to taste another lavish divvy nymph Accidentally gets a holly jolly girl like a soft wind of Storm. Man slow down his sexo

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