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Gangotri of Misinformation & Injustice


National Investigation Agency (NIA) in India’s Haryana state absolved four people charged in the Samjhota Express besieging case. Likewise, an application recorded by Pakistani inhabitant, Rahila Wakil, was rejected by the court. “The NIA Special Court has reasoned that the examining office has neglected to demonstrate the intrigue charge and decided that [the] blamed merit an advantage for [the] question,”

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International Mantra of Picking Holes & Above Board CPECA


South Asia is at crossroads of major powers’ Great Game, struggling to work on new avenues of cooperation for regional peace and prosperity. Rampant poverty, widespread inequalities and increasing development challenges together with the menace of climate change is calling for regional connectivity. As these issues are trans-national, their resolution requires regional solutions. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is flagship

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Agni III; Thy Name is Abysmal Failure

Agni-III Missile Night Test Failure

Though there is no need of it anymore, India is developing new nuclear force options. A deviation from its “credible minimum deterrence” (CMD) is not bearing fruits. However, India’s commitment to CMD is decreasing with the gradual weakening of elite support for India’s no-first-use policy. Scientific community is also pressurizing policy makers to field tactical nuclear weapons. Moreover, the shift

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