Kids at Heart!

Kids at Heart

We all are kids at heart
Covered in fake masses of so called rationalism.
Emotionalism at heart historicizes the tale!
Whom to blame and to whom label suspicious, darling?
You know once I told you
About the two universal kinds of languages;
Emotive and the symbolic one…that they propose
Meanwhile, here both are carefully being used…
So, this frightened and foolish being is gonna lose him …
Literally not in a state to understand what actually is going on!
So choosy we become even to utter a single word, Sweetheart!

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Aadil Hingorjo_Poet-Author

My name is Aadil Hingorjo; I am from Karachi, Pakistan. My birth dates back to 1996. Currently, I am doing MS English from COMSATS University, Islamabad, Pakistan. I am self-published on As being a poetic ash, I want to be echoed regardless of any bounds and borders.

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