Climate Saints Vs Climate Devils

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Peace and harmony in a system is dependent upon the carrying capacity and working of its components within the actual limits. If these limits are violated and the carrying capacity is overburdened then it will end up in collapse of the system. Currently, we are almost at the brink of destroying the carrying capacity of the planet Earth by violating the laws and limits of nature. Consequently, the ramifications are in front of us in the form of the conflagration of Australian forest fires, African locust swarm attacks, water scarcity in south Asia, drowning South East Asia, Warming Antarctica and spilling oceans, just to name a few.

Climate change is the dark shadow of the carbon footprint of the industrial age. In this world of matter, every individual, organisation, country and ultimately the whole world has a carbon footprint which is created by our activities through releasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide in atmosphere has reached the highest level  in the known history of 400000 years. This is more than just catastrophic. This carbon footprint is speaking volumes about our environmental sins. It is adding much to the painful memories of our mother Earth. When the mother nature is confronted with our excessive environmental crimes, she then balances our inhumane approach like a step mother. By punishing us with hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods; forsaking our survival.

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Climate Saints

Carbon footprint matters much more than we presume. It has a deep nexus with heart, mind and the soul. Since time immemorial, we hear about saints. Saints are simple people with no luxuries in their life yet having a rich heart. The life of a saint is all about having a very small carbon footprint and an enormous spiritual impact because they live a simple life. Simplicity is constructive, less dependent on matter and is climate friendly. In this era of climate emergency, we need climate saints who have a minimum negative ecological footprint and a big footprint of things that really matter for existence rather than the materialistic attitude that we have developed. We need to work on a real paradigm of pleasure and joy that is concomitant with falling in love with nature.

Climate saint is the one who acts on the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle. He must believe in conservation of nature and give his love to the environment instead of snatching and destroying its beauty and charm. Whether it is done through planting a tree or prudent use of water or wearing and eating simple; these all are the holy acts of worship. A climate saint will walk instead of drive. Because it not only burns his calories, but also helps in reducing global temperature. He will use green energy, besides supplying him with energy from nature, it will also help in producing clean air. He will use electronic equipment as minimum as possible because it will not only be good for his mental health but will also keep spiritual connection with nature intact.

Above all, by going green he will be practicing whatever he preaches. Thus, he will maintain the order and share his love with the nature by maintaining the rhythm of the song of nature which is all about a green and sustainable future.

Climate Devils

The ultimate duty of a climate saint is to confront the climate devils. Climate devils are climate skeptics. They are to be found everywhere; in governments, in corporations and as well as existing among people in the form of individuals with “who cares” attitude. Responsibility of a climate saint is to teach the climate devils that “gross national happiness” is more important than gross national product.  A climate saint should also teach the climate devils that the environment, rather than being inherited from our parents, has been borrowed from our future generations.

How to…?

Positivity, sanity and sense of responsibility can cause miracles. The miracles of 21st century will not be to reverse the flow of rivers but to maintain the existing flow in right directions. This miracle will prevent the 17 million acres per year loss of forests and preserve the ice sheets and biodiversity. Miracles have been happening throughout the history, but this time we need miracle of preventing 1.5 degrees Celsius rise in global temperature by the end of the century. We need climate saints who can and should prevent the rising Carbon dioxide levels and bring it back to 300 ppm or less. Above all, we need the lovers of nature who can prevent the food insecurity, water scarcity and spill over of oceans. Indeed, love is the basis of any spiritual activity and this time nature needs more love than ever before.

The Way Forward

But how these miracles will happen? So far, the measures taken by governments are not so impressive. Whether it is Kyoto Protocol, SDGs or inconsequential CoP 26, all of these reflect tall talks and broken promises. States are failing to deliver on the subject of climate change and corporate social responsibility is missing from the equation. President Donald Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Agreement is a wakeup call to the 7 billion individuals of the planet Earth. Now they have to act irrespective of treaties, policies and conferences. This is the era of treaty congestion and the outcome is meagre so far. Every individual now has to work in good faith for the conservation of climate. Let’s realise our individual social responsibility and become the lovers of nature. Let’s become climate saints.

About the Author: The author has done M.Sc in Environmental Science and Masters in International Relations. He is passionate about climate Sufism. Recently, he has been selected as assistant commissioner through Provincial Management Services KP Province, Pakistan.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Reader’s Review.


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