ad libitum

ad libitum-Storms-Sufferings

gathered the storms,

and gathered the winds

of undying suffering.

sufferings of pleasure,

psychedelics of exalted warmth

stalked and stumbled

around the planetary man;

the dying and the undying

the man and the un-man

       both together excited to the darkest night.

who lost is unknown to me;

the wall blears the boundary.

unfixed the shape,

darkness deepens the dancing dolphins;

sanity swirls,

words skip the stray lips

as if forgotten bones collapse and crumble.

seaming with flabby fragments

the mouth of Thermopylae.

drawing a stick out of spillikins.

       there remains the tongue-tied taciturn;

       as if dead and done to bones.

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Muhammad Shahab-Author-Poet

Muhammad Shahab has done his B.S English from the University of Peshawar. His poetry is published in USA, Malaysia and Bangladesh. He writes @


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