Chinese doctors say Europe is making the same mistakes first made in Wuhan


Chinese medical workers and staff based in Wuhan, the hardest hit city with coronavirus (COVID-19) and where the very first cases emerged have shared their valuable experience in fighting the deadly virus with the rest of the world.

Three Chinese specialists told Bloomberg that Europe was making mistakes first made in Wuhan regarding protecting its healthcare workers.

Our European colleagues are contracting the disease in their daily practice, and the proportion is quite similar to the earlier situation in Wuhan, we need to protect our medical staff

Wu Dong, A professor of Gastroenterology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital

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So far over 3,200 people in China have died due to the virus with the number of infected people over 81,000. Of the infected, it is estimated that over 3,400 are health professionals.

The leader of a medical association in northern Italy, Roberto Stella, died last week. He was one of the first Italian doctors to be infected as a result of his work.

There simply aren’t enough masks to change them each time we go to see an isolated patient. There are no proper gowns. We just have to make do with porous ones and put plastic aprons over them. We’re reusing the goggles other colleagues have used, washing and disinfecting them ourselves.

Coral Merino, An ER nurse in one of Madrid’s hardest-hit hospitals

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