Smile in Times of CORONA

Times of CORONA Virus

Stop coughing for a while and pay attention to what you are reading. From the reaction of people to this corona virus it seems that they are already suffering from some sort of behavioral virus. The pandemic of Ministry of Fear is a more deadly virus than the corona virus. If you are sick and tired of life then it is fine to be scared due to the media campaign of exaggerating the effects of corona virus, but otherwise the scary thing is the lack of common sense demonstrated by people irrespective of cast, colour or creed. That the fear of corona virus is more deadly than corona itself is a tragicomedy in its own right.

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If people of the civilized world are frightened due to corona virus even then they are not justified in their toilet paper blitzkrieg. Judging from the intensity of the panic buying and stock piling of toilet papers by people it is safe to assume that their perception of corona virus is something amounting to a biblical plague. In that case there will be no people left to produce food for people to eat, hence nothing to digest therefore, no need to worry about wiping their backs with toilet paper unnaturally as there will be no call of nature. But if the people still insist then they should keep some tissue paper for wiping their teary eyes and runny noses because, I am afraid, their loose nerves won’t be able to hold that for long.

I must commend and congratulate such strange breed of people for being tested positive for the TeleVirus(TV)  that is more deadly and pervasive than corona virus. If people are feeling compelled to stock up tissue papers then I am afraid they are being taken for a ride by something other than corona. Perhaps it maybe the culture of consumerism inherent in capitalism that is to be blamed. My suggestion to the toilet paper brigade is to spare that money and to use it for buying almonds as they are good for brains. Although the chances of almonds having any positive effects on the brains of such people are far less than the mortality rate of corona i-e less than 2%.

There is a silver lining in corona virus. The notorious virus attacked the infamous bull of wall street. The not so bright side is that the “too poor to let them die billionaire” chaps of wall street fame are getting disinfected with a very expensive corona bailout injection of USD 1.5trillion. But, there is still hope. If the inflated markets fail to absorb the shock and the bubble gets burst with the sting of corona virus then all the paranoid toilet paper stock pilers may get the chance to use the worthless paper money instead of tissues as an alternative for wiping their sorry asses.

Another silver lining is that this virus has rebooted the faith of Americans and restored their belief in prayers. Who knows if the prospective food shortages may entice them to explore the idea of fasting. Besides helping them spiritually the cherry on top will be that the health care spending on obesity might be saved.

At the same time, it provoked the not so thinking minds of many Muslims that science can also be used as a miracle and medium for helping humanity besides offering prayers.

So far, the virus has spread in the relatively clean countries of the world. Therefore, seeing Muslim majority areas worried and panicked makes no sense as most of the Muslim populated regions are testament to the fact the Muslims these days lack civic sense and are not interested in cleanliness even though in Islam cleanliness is considered half of faith.

The other day Chinese spokesperson tweeted about his suspicions of USA’s army involvement and responsibility for spreading of corona virus. The Chinese should thank God and USA that the USA army were content with spreading only corona virus. What if the USA forces, in their infinite wisdom, had decided for spreading their favorite virus of democracy by carpet bombing all potential voters and future carriers of corona, the way they did in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.?

The Black Death, bubonic plague of 14th century, was brought from China, transmitted by fleas living on rats, to Europe. This world has been a global village since very long. The only difference this time is that of the presence of mass media that is one of the root cause of mass hysteria. It makes no sense and is quite embarrassing and shameful to die before death. It is an opportunity to isolate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life and purify our souls like Sufis rather than acting stupidly and making a mess out of the situation which is beyond our control.

About the Author: I am a wanderer, learner and seeker of knowledge. Trying to make sense of the apparently haphazard world we are living in. Interested in Politics Philosophy and Psychology.

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