Polar Ice Caps are Melting at Unprecedented Rates

Polar Ice Caps are Melting

Yes, the polar ice caps are melting very fast. In fact they are melting six times faster than they did in the 1990s. This along with the Arctic heatwave can bring disaster for the world. It will accelerate the global warming and cause devastating floods in the coastal cities.

This has been confirmed by the scientists and since the 1990s the speed of ice melt has increased six-fold — with a sevenfold increase in Greenland. Another way to look at this disaster is the scale of ice loss in past five years: it has tripled.

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This is attributed in part to rising average temperatures. The effects of increased solar radiation, known as the polar amplification, is most felt in polar regions. This winter the temperatures have reached record high in the region to 18.33 °C.

What was highly unusual in the recent past is becoming the new normal. The Arctic is far more sensitive to warming now than even a few decades ago

Luke Trusel, Geography Professor at Pennsylvania State University.

The time is running out fast for coastal communities. In this decade, the globe lost about 81 billion tons of ice each year. This is a huge challenge especially to the coastal communities. The question is: how will the world respond?

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