China Completes Mars probe Test for 2020 Mars mission

China Mars Mission

A team of scientists and engineers in China have completed the first wireless communication and connection test of a Mars project. China plans to send its first mission to the red planet this year.

According to Beijing Aerospace Control Center, the test successfully verified the signal transmission and interfaces compatibility between the ground system and Mars probes along with other related hardware and software.

A few months ago, the team had successfully tested the lander hovering-and-obstacle avoidance test. This test was conducted at a sprawling site, a place simulating the uneven terrain on Mars in Hebei Province of China.

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China’s 2020 Mars mission will examine the red planet’s atmosphere, landscape, geological and magnetic characteristics. This could provide clues regarding the origin and evolution of Mars and the solar system,

Ye Jianpei, Chief Scientist of Space Science and Deep-space Exploration

If all goes smoothly, China’s Mars mission will be performed by the end of the year 2020. The Long March-5 will send the mars probe into the geosynchronous orbit.

The journey through space will take about seven months, while landing will take seven minutes

Zhang Rongqiao, Chief Architect of the Mars Exploration Program.

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