Giraffe Interesting Facts

Giraffe Interesting Facts

The worlds tallest mammals are Giraffes. It’s legs alone about 6 feet long which allows them to run approximately 35 miles an hour but that only over short distances. They can easily run at 10 miles an hour over longer distances. Giraffes move in small groups of about half a dozen.

Sometimes Giraffe battle each other by using their long necks and heads. But these battles are not usually dangerous and ends with one of them submitting and walking away. Giraffes have incredibly big heart and it weighs about 12 kilos. This much big heart is needed to pump blood up to the brain through its long neck.

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Giraffes take good advantage of their height and munch on leaves from tree tops. Only few other animals can reach this height. Not only it has a long neck but the tongue is long too. The 21-inch tongue helps them to pluck leaves from the branches. They love to eat and takes in hundreds of kilos of leaves each week. Giraffes regurgitate food like cows and chew it as cud.

The long neck also helps it to keep an eye on predators but it’s height can be a disadvantage when it wants to drink at a water hole. And to do so they must spread their legs and bend down in an awkward position. But they only need to drink once every several days as they get most of their water from the juicy plants they eat from the trees.

Females give birth while standing and the infants have to endure the impact of falling approximately 5 feet fall to the ground. But incredibly these newborns can stand up in just half an hour and run with their mothers ten hours after birth! Giraffes have beautiful spotted skins and no two individuals have exactly the same pattern.

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