Slavery is such a toxic phenomenon that it pierces through the soul and spirit of the enslaved nation. It transforms otherwise normal human beings into apes by destroying their values and ideals. Presenting them with ostensibly more superior and alternative modes of being. Enslaved people are made to hate their own roots and are made to believe that they are unequal. Thus, causing the enslaved people a deeply ingrained sense of inferiority complex from which it is very difficult if not impossible to recover. Even the intelligent ones among the enslaved people are swayed by the charms of the enslavers and develop a servile attitude and don’t mind being owned as one would own a dog, who will keep wagging the tail to show their love and gratitude to the master.

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We are victims of and suffering from identity crisis. Centuries of slavery has impaired our ability to think originally. We are proud of our copied thinking patterns dictated to us by our Masters. That the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” is the literal translation of “My body, My Choice” is clear manifestation of being dominated by western cultural ethos. Somebody should tell these dumb, enslaved and chained and regressive revolutionaries that your masters have written this script for you and that in reality it is your body but their mind and their programming. Perhaps Aldous Huxley had the foresight and he saw it coming long before today’s one cent revolutionary marchers were born, when he wrote his best-seller dystopian novel “Brave New World” in which he wrote

…one believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.

Aldous Huxley

Our crazy self-hating pseudo liberals of NGO fame, under whose patronage this women march is being executed and who will busy themselves in cheering for the all-men crowd under the leadership of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, thinks that it is mandatory for all of us to join them in loving whatever they have to offer as it will elevate our status to the same level as that of the so called civilized nations. They are shocked and surprised when someone comes up with alternative arguments. Anybody who disagrees with their dodgy mantra is labelled as supporter of the forces of darkness. But “the fault with these copy cats is that they like to cast themselves in the same role as their Western mentors.” Even their mode of resistance and protest is copied without taking into consideration the context and the structural and foundational differences.

Somebody should also read out “Geographies of Resistance” to our mimicking resistance brigade of feminists in which the point is eloquently portrayed in these words:

Every veil that fell, every body that became liberated from the traditional embrace of the haik, every face that offered itself to the bold and impatient glance of the occupier, was a negative expression of the fact that Algeria was beginning to deny herself and was accepting the rape of the colonizer.

Geographies of Resistance

There is no denying of prevalent injustice and oppression in our society. But the impressionable few dozen young ladies and lads of Aurat March needs to understand and accept the fact that as justice is blind so is injustice a gender-neutral phenomenon. Therefore, limiting ones struggle against oppression and for rights to a certain class or gender is a counter-productive strategy. It takes more than just a hormonal and trigger-happy reaction to see through the multifaceted layers of oppression and deception. Blaming it on patriarchy is not going to help either as we are different than ants where the queen ant is at the top of the hierarchy. One of the fathers-excuse the matriarchal connotation- of sociobiology, the synthesis of biology and social behavior, Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson, said about ants that,

Karl Marx was right, socialism works; it is just that he had the wrong species. 

E. O. Wilson, Harvard Biologist

By trying to undo the evolved adaptive reproductive strategy of men and moving away from our humane nature towards the ways of ants, we have unknowingly opened the doors for the era of drag queens.

Sexual organization plays a deciding role in our social organization and labor organization. The productive independence and interdependence of pair-bonding behavior that humans possess cannot be remodeled just to pander to the whims of few angry irrational non-feminine feminists who are paradox personified. As their critique starts from ridiculing men and then end up mimicking men due to their psychological disorders. Perhaps our wannabe feminist queens have this queen ant archetype underlying in their subconscious that drives them towards such behavior? They would rather destroy the world to fulfill their feminist utopia of a world ruled by the “awe inspiring and empowering” figure of female drag queens.

There are some natural limitations that must be adhered to. It will be a folly to go against the natural dictates of nature. A society cannot continue to exist for much longer if the natural balance is disturbed. If we try otherwise then chaos and destruction will ensue.

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