Hindu-Muslim Riots in New Delhi: Another Gujarat Model?

Delhi Hindu-Muslim Riots

The ongoing trends in Indian society are alarming. This time, the stage under the Saffron Revolutionary is set in the capital city, New Delhi. The very genesis of the ongoing Delhi riots stemmed from new bill passed in Indian Parliament named ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ (CAA). The law considered to be discriminatory against Muslim in India. After the enactment of law, protests were erupted in several states of India and finally approached New Delhi. The protestors set stage in Shaheen Bagh and Jaafar Abad area of national capital in peaceful way. On 22nd February, they block a road which stirred up a counter protest on the very next day. Instead of engaging in negotiation or political solution over the issue, the political leadership, mainly BJP affiliated, instigated riots by hate speeches.

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Kapil Mishra, an alleged member of BJP, who lost in his constituency during general elections, argued that after the visit of President Trump either police clear the roads or we shall take control of law. In the same evening riots erupted and continued for three consecutive days and nights. The given scenario raises many eye brows over the writ of the state. What is actually happening in Delhi? Why the state as well as Union govt. is unwilling or unable to enforce law and order? In largest democracy of the world, why institutions seemed to be failed apart? Is it true that the Saffron Revolutionaries are heading towards Hindu Rashtra under the divine leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

The capital is under siege by Saffron Revolutionaries. It looks like Gujarat model being implemented in Delhi by Modi Sarkar. The RSS bhagts (followers) have taken PM Modi for granted. Their rants of might are right policy left scar on the face of democratic India. The death trolls are increasing as the protestors are using firearms, sticks, iron rods and stone pelting as means to end. There is widespread damaged to private properties, looting and burning going on in Delhi. The victims are mainly Muslims because large scale damage to their houses, shops Mosques and Shrines is going on. The Schools are closed and Board exams being postponed.

Initially, as long as hate speeches started everything was in control of the police. Later on police witnessed a massive failure. To restore law and order, govt. deployed paramilitary force in the North East Delhi. On February 26, Kejriwal tweeted that he is writing to Home Ministry over the alarming situation and failure of police. “Army should be called in and curfew imposed in rest of affected areas immediately”. According to law, calling in the army lies in the hands of Home of Ministry and District Executive Magistrate. The answer to next two points lies in this state of affairs. The state govt. and Union govt. are in conflict due to political power struggle in New Delhi state. The judicial directive derailment is apparent as the Justice Murlidhar of Delhi High court order to launch FIR against the culprits. In response, Mr. Murlidhar was transferred. Instead of ensuring peaceful way out, political will has marginalized the judicial order in the state. Hence, police and judiciary has lost their stature to maintain law and order. It also means law enforcement institutions are falling apart in world’s largest democracy.

In response to legislative process, the protests are justified against any act of the parliament by the citizens in democracies as long as the enactment of such laws is in conflict with whims and wishes of the people. The state is there to implement legislative acts. The pro-CAA protests have no meanings. They are the reflection that writ of the state is vanishing. Interestingly, this is not the case here. Basically these pro-CAA protests have been orchestrated by RSS followers. As many scholars and world leaders have acknowledged that the RSS ideology inspired by Nazi Germany and fascist ideas of Mussolini. They believed in the racial purity of Hindus across the globe. Their ultimate goal is to establish a Hindu Rashtra by expelling all the minorities from India. They considered Muslim of India as an imminent threat. So it’s in the best interest to start with them. Prime Minister Imran Khan, like school teacher who cares for the future of his student, expressed the very spirit of RSS led Hindutva agenda at various forums.

The CAA has another dimension as well. It meant to ignite a minority led movement in the neighboring states as well, particularly in Pakistan. Unfortunately, it didn’t bear fruits for Modi and set ablaze the capital city. Now that the PM Modi has drowned India in the blood of Kali, Sangthanists quest for blood of Muslim is backfiring. As Asaduddin Owaisi said, “We do not want another partition of the India”. Focusing on these remarks Mr. Jinnah’s decision for separate homeland for Muslim in the Sub-continent was right.

Interestingly, the current Hindu-Muslim riots in the Indian capital are similar to the Gujarat riots when Hindu fanatics had killed hundreds of Muslims in a train. Incumbent premier Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat that time. USA and various other countries directly hold him responsible for that massacre. The Delhi riots are being viewed through the prism of Gujarat massacre by various international media outlets. Hindu nationalists are making the lives of Muslims miserable across India. Time has come for rights organizations to stand up against the Indian oppressions.

About the Author: Sheikh Moazzam Khan is a freelance journalist from Pakistan and has written numerous articles at domestic and International forums including Nawa-e-Waqt, Express News, Sydney News, Geopolitica and Concept TV News. Sheikh has expertise on South Asian Regional Politics, Defence and Strategic Studies. 

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