Red Fox Interesting Facts

Red Fox Interesting Facts

Red foxes live in diverse habitats like forests, grasslands, mountains and deserts. The red fox has the ability to find quick and intelligent ways to overcome its problems. This has earned it a legendary reputation for being intelligent and cunning.

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They are solitary hunters who feed on rodents, rabbits and birds. Foxes also eat fruits, vegetables, fish, frogs and even worms. It’s thick tail helps in balancing itself. A fox also uses its tail to cover itself in cold weather and to communicate with other foxes.

The red fox mate in the winter season and the female fox (vixen) gives birth to between 2 and 12 pups. The red foxes are actually brown or gray at birth but by the end of the first month they grow the red coat. Interestingly, some of the these foxes are even golden, reddish-brown, silver and black.

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