Was Davinder Singh an Asset of Indian Deep State?

Davinder Singh an Asset of Indian Deep State

BJP Government led by Modi has adopted a strange strategy in Kashmir by deliberately escalating tension at the LoC in order to divert attention from the deteriorating situation in IOJ&K. The international pressure in connection with human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian security forces has put India in a defensive position. In a state of mind, India is trying to make fool of its own people and the international community under vague narratives on terrorism and anti-terrorism. It is really agitating that a country which is beneficiary of terrorism in terms of tricking the world always poses to be champion of anti-terrorism as Indian use of terrorism as a weapon against Pakistan is crystal clear.

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Similarly, it is now evident that the Modi government has begun a trend of making exaggerated claims of conducting preventive strikes across its borders. A pertinent example was its claim to have destroyed the Naga rebel camps in an ambush inside Myanmar in 2015. Nevertheless, that so-called surgical strike provoked huge criticism in India after some independent reports revealed that there were no rebels camps in that area. Taking advantage of the state driven media which dance on the BJP tune, Indian home minister in a statement in 2019 said that India had carried three cross border strikes in last five years, claiming one was a ground and the second one was an air strike, not ready to reveal details about the third. Indian political leaders frequently make such statements to please their voters. It is beyond comprehension that neither Indian public nor political leadership have learned anything from Pakistan’s response to Balakot. The notion of surgical strike linked to alleged terrorists bases is an illusion being deliberately generated by Indian to create false effects. This quest by the Indian establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross-border fire as a surgical strike is fabrication of the truth. Pakistan has made it clear time and again that if there is a surgical strike on Pakistani soil; the same will be strongly responded.

The Modi government has devised the idea of ‘no escalation beyond’ the nuclear threshold. It believes the nukes have become a one-sided deterrent or a kind of umbrella under which Pakistan can carry out low-level activity to bleed India, Modi, to accrue political benefits dub this as “Pakistan’s tactical nuclear bluff”.

Indians claimed that on 29 Sep 2016 their forces carried out a surgical strike on Pakistani posts along the LoC in which they killed and wounded our soldiers. Initially, the Indian officials indicated that helicopters were used in the surgical operations, but they soon backtracked saying there were no aerial strikes and the cross-LoC operation just involved ground troops. It is pertinent to mention that despite all false flag operations Indians claimed so far has added to ambiguity and number of unanswered simple questions. Now the voices within India and international forums are rejecting Indian rhetoric claims of foreign involvement rather argument of state sponsored terrorism against India is gaining strength and mass.

The case of arrest of DSP Davinder Singh exposes the complete story of Indian self pity being target of cross border terrorism. DSP Davinder Singh was caught on 12th Jan 2020 along with two militants. Few important facts if analyzed in the back drop of Indian claims of false flag operations reveal interesting conclusions pointing straight towards poorly staged dramas of cross-border strikes conducted by Indian forces.

A few months back, the counterterrorism agency of India NIA raided Davinder Singh’s home in Srinagar—a former decorated police officer for his alleged role in terrorist activity in India. The raid in Indira Nagar comes more than a week after Davinder Singh, 57, was caught travelling with terrorists in south Kashmir and arrested. He was soon suspended from the Jammu and Kashmir police and stripped of a gallantry medal he was awarded in 2018. Davinder Singh, posted as the deputy superintendent of police, was arrested last weekend along with Naveed Babu, self-styled district commander of banned Hizbul Mujahideen, a new recruit Atif and an advocate Irfan Mir. The four were caught with arms and ammunition while they were travelling in a car near Qazigund on the national highway in south Kashmir. To divert the attention of the public, the investigation agency has concocted a cock and bull story with the claim that he met ISI agents in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is absurdly claimed that the education of his daughters in Dhaka Bangladesh might have been sponsored by the ISI. The indicators establish a view that Davinder might be an asset of Indian deep state.

Ridiculously, the arrested DSP was awarded the President’s Medal for his role in anti-terror operations. It is noteworthy that Singh had been in distinguished company just prior to his arrest. Singh got a meet and greet at Srinagar airport with the United States ambassador, Kevin Juster, and nearly half a dozen envoys that were there as part of a guided tour organized by Ajit Doval, in a bid to showcase normality in Kashmir. The question arises as to why Singh, who the local CID had accused of amassing a huge property portfolio just last year, was present at the meet and greets, is still an inexplicable mystery. No answers are forthcoming from the Modi government. Whereas the Jammu and Kashmir police had found a huge quantity of explosives and three assault rifles in Singh’s home. They said Singh used to allow terrorists to use his home as part of his ferry services. It may be noted that this is not Singh’s first brush with controversy. Earlier, Afzal Guru, who was accused in the Parliament attack case in 2001 and hanged in 2013, had in a letter to his lawyer accused Singh of torturing him and forcibly sending him to Delhi with one of the terrorists. No doubt that Davinder Singh was an asset of India’s Deep State dealing with state sponsored terrorist activities.

It is now proved that whether it is, Mumbai attacks (also referred to as 26/11), Uri or Balakot incidents the element of state sponsored terrorism can’t be ignored. Pakistan must expose loop holes in Indian claims, the visit of foreign delegation on sight of Balakot where Indians said to have destroyed Mujahideen sanctuary paid high dividends. Kashmiris should also be aware of their smart usage by Indian agencies to defame Pakistan. Above all, Pakistani media should follow through such events and keep the issue alive to build enough content which can elaborately present our side of picture and expose Indian false claims.

About the Author: Mr. Masroor Ahmed is an International Relations’ Scholar and is currently working as Deputy Director in Prime Minister’s Office, Pakistan. His Area of specialization is Regional Conflicts and Security.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Reader’s Review.

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