One Year to Indo-Pak Aerial Combat: Surprise Day Celebration in Pakistan

Surprise Day Celebration in Pakistan Operation Swift Retort

The conventional wisdom resides with calculative moves by any army of the world. On February 27, 2019 an unfortunate episode in the history of Indian Army witnessed lack of conventional wisdom. It seemed wolf surrendered in the lion’s jaw. Though inspired by war mongering Indian left wing segments of the society, Prime Minister Modi undertook a sham decision to surprise the Pakistan’s military. Two Indian fighter jets intruded the Line of Control (LoC) into Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In response, within seconds, Pakistan Air Force immediately shot down the jets and captured one pilot named Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. The very exercise can be explained in the words of Ashlay Motagu,

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them but that they seize us

Ashlay Motagu

Considering a blow for the enemy, Pakistan is celebrating ‘Operation Swift Retort’ on February 27, as a “Surprise Day”.

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The South Asian Region is considered to be a nuclear flashpoint in the world. The fundamental issue for such a status is due to inborn enmity between India and Pakistan. Despite the enmity, there is one unique common quality of both the nations, both love Kashmir. The Kashmir valley is located in the northern part of Indian Sub-continent. The genesis of the dispute lies in the partition plan in 1947. Occasionally, Pakistan and India have surprised each other. To maintain balance of power, both states managed to acquire advanced technology in conventional and non-conventional military equipment.

The Surprise Day expedition by India left no stone unturned from that day onwards. The fundamental motive was not embarrassment. For the brave hero India awarded Vir Chakra, a military award, to the Wing Commander. In the era of globalization, India decided to fool the world. Despite all the efforts of Indian propagandists, the world has acknowledged the conventional efficacy of Pakistani force. The asymmetric tendency leverage of India is inaccurate considering that of Pakistan. Observing eyes has witnessed the passion of Pakistan when it comes to challenge the territorial integrity of the state. The heroes of Pakistan Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan and Sqadron Leader Hassan Siddique received standing ovation on the Defence Day. Together, they sent a powerful message to enemies across the globe that the defence line of Pakistan is well guarded. They also ensured the safety of motherland. Furthermore, the charismatic leadership of Pakistan, PM Imran Khan ensured that Pakistan is ambassador of peace and harmony. Khan decided to immediately return the captured Indian pilot as a ‘peace gesture’.

The incumbent government of Pakistan right after taking the office shared its concerns to put the enmity aside and signaled collaboration for peace and prosperity of the South Asia, particularly between India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, conflict of interests among major powers along with bilateral disputes between both the states has put the security dilemma at top. For reduction of tensions Pakistan alleged restraints to defy the emerging tensions. One other hand, PM Modi’s anti-Pakistan rhetoric is symbol of aggressive design. The design of RSS Bhagts for rejuvenation of Hindu supremacy in secular India. The hyper nationalistic trends in Indian society are alarming. It needs to be directed on Ghandi’s philosophy of peace and non-violence. PM Modi must not entertain another Surprise Day celebration to Pakistan because if he does, it is going to unleash the beast. As Imran Khan in his address to UNGA said, we are Muslim and believe in one God, we will fight if India really compelled us to fight.

Pakistan is emerging with vibrant economic transition and opportunities. It got professional army equipped with versatile experiences and advanced warfare techniques. The curbing of terrorism, fighting against extremism, engagement in proxies, efforts for economic opportunities, maintaining friendly civil military ties and extended efforts for Muslim unity are the acknowledged realities undertaken by Pakistan. The territorial sovereignty has been challenged throughout the history of Pakistan from both western and eastern fronts. But Pakistan stayed firm in its defense. The enemies at home and abroad have lost their stature against Pakistan. Considering this energy inside the nation, perhaps the state has got potential to celebrate years of surprises, but first it will always extend amicable means to get through this hostile environment.

About the Author: Sheikh Moazzam Khan is a freelance journalist from Pakistan and has written numerous articles at domestic and International forums including Nawa-e-Waqt, Express News, Sydney News, Geopolitica and Concept TV News. Sheikh has expertise on South Asian Regional Politics, Defence and Strategic Studies. 

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