Illegal De-radicalization camp in India and Kashmir: A new way for Mental Torture

Deradicalization camp in Kashmir

The Kashmir conundrum has introduced alarming situation both in the region and globally. It has affected the socio-political fabrics of Kashmir region, mainly Kashmiri youth. The ongoing Kashmiri Intifada is the product of systemic marginalization of Kashmiris. The unfortunate scenario provided that international community and the world at large has turned away their priorities vis-à-vis national interests. Interestingly, recent demonstrations in Kashmir are eye opener for the advocates of free world as well as so called human right’s champions. The whims and wishes of Kashmiris are being swallowed by the state of India. The justification of their actions have no meanings.

The region is heading towards more radicalized form. The lynchpin of the Kashmir conundrum is Kashmiri youth. Recent statement of newly appointed Indian Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat give it all by saying that the radicalized youth in Kashmir (from age 10-12) need to be taken out separately, possibly into some deradicalization camps. The main agenda was to deter the emerging radical elements in the valley. The uncertainties of the valley has been unfolded in this statement. Perhaps the world must acknowledge at this very point that there is no infiltration from outer world. The rebellious attitude among Kashmiri youth is in built in their right of self-determination.

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India considered to be one of largest democracies in the world. Ever since independence, India being a secular state, democratic transition remained a complex question. Pakistan choose to live with Islamic ideology but India, for several reasons, stayed secular. Is it really a secular state now?After the partition, Hindu majority India proceeded for the betterment of society under the leadership of first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He embraced the diversity of India and tried to establish a harmonious society. Nehru considered diversity as strength not weakness. Even the Kashmir question was under serious consideration on the table. After the demise of Nehru, Hindutva advocates cherished the opportunity with full swing. They blamed Nehru for Sino-Indian conflict of 1962.

The social fabrics of India were being radicalized with secular trends as the BJP rises. The several factions were created by RSS to balance the power struggle in several states. Interestingly, with democratic features the Indian polity didn’t favors this tug of war. Hence, a radical society unlikely of religious basis become the fortune. Today the tendency of radicalization is at its peak with blessed market economy. What is the fate of these diverse radical factions under the divine rule of PM Modi still needs to be addressed. But there are several signs that it is heading towards satanic path.

It’s time to put Kashmir in the complex jar of Indian democracy. Nationalism is the core in emerging social order in Kashmir. The unfinished job of Kashmir issue by Great Britain is considered to be disgraced in many ways. The political, social, and economic suppression of Kashmir left the youth no choice other than embracing lockdown, pellet guns, rapes, half widows, curfews, and several atrocities. Human rights watch and several IGOs and NGOs have given their reports on Kashmir aiming the monstrous actions taken by Indian army in Kashmir. From General Rawat’s statement, one thing is clear that the ongoing movement in Kashmir is more indigenous and less foreign sponsored.

By putting the freedom movement of Kashmiris into radical form, all the historic freedom fighters are terrorists. Kashmiri youth must be labelled as terrorist like Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro. The terrorist Kashmiri youth must be de-radicalized by establishing camps by India. An applauding strategy to crush the legitimate rights (under UN resolutions) of the Kashmiris. By revocation of Article 370 35A of Indian constitution would be a starter and the rest is assured by corporate media sector across the globe.

The Indian actions in Kashmir are primitive and do not belong to the twenty first century. The contemporary International Society is more vibrant because it represents love, compassion, and justice for all. India must learn from its misguided beliefs against the Kashmiris. The brave Indians who stand with justice are with the Kashmiri youth. Most of the social segments are raising their voices by criticizing the narrative established by govt. of India. Finally, India must understand that labelling freedom as an outcome of radicalization cannot be de-radicalized until unless it is entertained on democratic values. Kashmiri youth is radical when it comes to their freedom and right to self-determination.

About the Author: Sheikh Moazzam Khan is a freelance journalist from Pakistan and has written numerous articles at domestic and International forums including Nawa-e-Waqt, Express News, Sydney News, Geopolitica and Concept TV News. Sheikh has expertise on South Asian Regional Politics, Defence and Strategic Studies. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Reader’s Review.

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