Polar Bears Are Great Swimmers

Polar Bears in the Arctic

Polar bears dwell in the Arctic ice and swim in the coastal waters of that region. They use their large front paws to swim great distances and some of them have been seen swimming hundreds of miles away from the land.

Through their thick coat of insulated fur covered with a warming layer of fat, polar bears survive in the coldest environment. Even their paws have fur which protects the polar bears against arctic cold. Their white coat also serves as camouflage in the surrounding snow and ice.

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Polar Bears hunt for seals which are usually found in cracking ice where they surface to breathe fresh air. These arctic giants sometimes also consume carcasses of dead whales.

Female polar bears create dens by digging into deep snow and give birth in winter. Young cubs learn the art of survival from mothers and live with them for some 28 months. Females usually get no help from their male mates in raising these young cubs. In fact, male polar bears may even kill them.

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