Bumblebees are Going Extinct

Bumblebees are Going Extinct

Bumblebees are the most important pollinators in nature. They spread, pollinate and fertilize many types of wild flora, as well as some of our very crucial agricultural crops like tomatoes.

Sadly, their numbers are decreasing and they are going extinct. New research has found that you have a 50 percent less likely chance to see a bumblebee in any given area than you had prior to 1974.

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In addition, several common species of the insect have disappeared from many areas becoming increasingly extinct. In a new paper published, researchers have suggested that their decline is in large part driven by climate change.

These declines are linked to species being pushed beyond temperatures they haven’t previously had to tolerate

Peter Soroye, Doctoral student at the University of Ottawa.

The scientists have found that the bumblebees are most affected in areas with extreme temperature swings. In Europe, it’s population has declined by 17 percent than it was in the early 20th century.

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