Bald Eagle Interesting Facts

Bald Eagle Interesting Facts

The bald eagle is a bird of prey mostly found in northern Mexico, United States and Alaska. Bald eagles have snowy-feathered head (interestingly not bald!) and white tail. These powerful birds use their talons to fish, but they also scavenge carrion or steal from other animals. They live near coasts and lakes where fish can be found in abundance, though they will also spring on and eat small mammals.

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These Birds are believed to mate for life. They construct huge stick nests, one of the biggest in birds world. These nests are built high above the ground and the female usually lays a pair of eggs each year. The baby eagles are dark in color (lacking the distinctive white markings) until they are about five years old. Young bald eagles fly great distances. Some of the Florida bald eagles have been spotted in Alaska i.e. some 1200 miles away!


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