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Game Developers Conference Cancels Due to Coronavirus Fears

Game Developers Conference Cancels

Amid the coronavirus fears, the GDC 2020 organizers have announced the event is off. This announcement came after the big names like Facebook, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon said that they would not send people to the show over concerns about the spread of coronavirus. The Game Developer Conference or the GDC 2020 was scheduled to take place between March 16th and 20th.

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Afghan Quagmire

Afghan Quagmire US Taliban deal

Afghanistan, a graveyard of the empires, is all set to avail the historic opportunity yet again. Recently, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a televised address signaled Reduction in Violence (RIV) which began from Friday for a week. The negotiations started during 2018 faced an abrupt setback when Taliban attack killed an American soldier. The revival of the talks proved that

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Biggest Explosion Seen in Universe Discovered by Astronomers

Biggest Explosion Seen in Universe

Using the Nasa’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the universe. The explosion which originated from a supermassive black hole, is five times bigger than the previously recorded one. According to the scientists, the blast came from a black hole in a cluster of galaxies 390 million light-years away. The crater carved out in

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