Recall to Learn

R-ecall mother’s care
E-verything , Everywhere
C-arried a baby can’t call
A-nd you grown-up!
L-ove, Affection and Emotions
L-et it flash back to Devotion

Let it be clear
Eager to recall
What want you to be
Eagle to be
Hills to reside

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Nurtured well
Lessoned to learn
Not to be harshen
Rather to be soften
And death is even better
Than a bread make flight default

L-earned to earn
E-arned to unlearn
A-te to reduce appetite
R-ude to starving humans
N-ot you think it inhumane

About the Author: Mr. Hassan Alamgeer Abbasi did his BS in English Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing his Mphil in Linguistics from Riphah University Lahore, Pakistan

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