Sleep Means to Minimize

Sleep Dream

Considered commonly by commons
One needs to dream a sleep
A sleep when to feel a peace
Being free of a being

Tho reality reveals
Merely nerves to nerve
Sufficiently sufficient
To explore a world

A world of individuals
Alive, Arise, Nobles, Noisy
A sense of done nothing
And the parts partly remaining

To inquire a world
A world of dreams
That force to bed
Absurdly absurd

Necessarily necessary
To develop a nursery
A nursery of nurturers
Who nourishes the generation

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Generation that dream alive
Generation that generate
A nation which of view
The dream comes true

The dream always comes true
When to dream consciously
Neither a calm nor a bed
Dream that not let them rest

Considered commonly by commons
One needs a sleep to dream
Primaries ever recognize
Sleep means to minimize

About the Author: Mr. Hassan Alamgeer Abbasi did his BS in English Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing his Mphil in Linguistics from Riphah University Lahore, Pakistan

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