Poetry: Dotish


A nincompoop imagines jerky jazzy ally

Himself half mate of two termagants

His lavish virility desires are clueless from the end.

The devilish thirsty guy visualizes his matrimony as a Grail goal

The lusty thirsty man decides to taste another lavish divvy nymph

Accidentally gets a holly jolly girl like a soft wind of Storm.

Man slow down his sexo sensation,

Pleasure and pleasure, peace and peace

Adam’s Happiness for few days.

Now he is standing on a two bamboo sticks

The two furry mermaids are snatching and pulling his supportive sticks

In the open Air he is crawling in the desert like an insect

He has the two glory formalized yielding creatures companions

Two are foe of Ally

The peace turns into the piece and Pleasure turns into pain

Perplexing grinding dotish sees no way to escape

The spring is gone, autumn is knocking

His breaths are blocking his voice

Darkness and Ending is calling him

The ending of his seven stages, life is stealing his masculinity

He called a cabinet domestics court and announces satisfactory orders

“In the next day the groom will get a new wife for pleasure and peace.” Court to be dismissed

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About the Author: Miss Kiran Shehzadi did her BS in English literature from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently pursuing her Mphil in Linguistics from Riphah University Lahore, Pakistan.

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