Poetry: A Seed of Success

Seed of Success

Serve to sow a seed
A seed of success
Success is to access
Access excessively

Serve to be SERVED
Timely if hath a TIME
Mainly if hath a MONEY
Must if hath a JUST

Serve to achieve
Achieve to serve
Truly if have a TIP
Instantly if have an INSTANCE

Surely if to claim ASSURITY
Firmly if to possess AFFIRMS
Serve not to have RETURNS
Serve to please the MIGHTY

The LORD of the lords
For what you have
From which you serve

Serve the oppressor
And the oppressed
To oppose the former
And to support the rest

Serve heartedly
As the purpose
To propose a person
Isn’t mere to pray purely

To cure a creation
Was the aspiration
Behind the CREATIVITY!!

Otherwise ANGELS
Suffice to be submissive!!
A seed of success
Is to serve!!

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About the Author: Mr. Hassan Alamgeer Abbasi did his BS in English Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing his Mphil in Linguistics from Riphah University Lahore, Pakistan


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