A Nightmare

Here comes my darling
With a face smiling
Was told to close my eyes
As she came with a surprise
As smoothly as comes close
Eyes undesirably disclose
See the darkness in the room
She like a shining moon
And a star bright
Sheds a light
Again eyes gone shut
Because of shining abrupt
Eyes witnessed never
Such a beauty ever
An alarming voice
Once then twice
Shrieking and weeping
Sobbing and tears
It made me fear
keen desire to open
My eyes to look
What happens
Wondered to see
An embellished bride
With beauty and blue-eyed
pearled tears
Waiting for a proposal
Nothing remained
Except to accept
An offer ordained
Let me think
To restrict
Or not to resist
Again eyes gone shut
Because of ifs
And buts
As smoothly as comes close
Eyes undesirably disclose
Instantly got up
Drenched with sweat
Time comes to weep
Nothing but seems
Was just a dream
With a great beginning
Followed by nothing
I beg you!
Stop over there
If I had a troublesome
Who cares!

About the Author: Mr. Hassan Alamgeer Abbasi did his BS in English Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently pursuing his Mphil in Linguistics from Riphah University Lahore, Pakistan

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