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How to Reduce Uric Acid by Food

How to reduce uric acid by food

What is Uric Acid? During digestion process, your body breaks down substances called purines which are also found in certain foods. Uric acid is created as a result of this break down. Our body has a mechanism to filter out uric acid through kidneys and urine. But if we intake too much purines through our diet, or if our kidney

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Scepticism to Endorsement: China’s Move To Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency China

This article first appeared on BRICS Information Portal. See the author’s profile and disclaimer at the end. The participants of last week’s “Block Chain Life” forum held in Moscow concluded that digital cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is an inevitable reality of the future that must be developed and harnessed. The event held on October 16-17 had over 4,800 participants, more

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United Nations’ Criminal Silence over Human Rights Abuses

United Nations Criminal Silence

Maintaining a criminal silence on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine to India’s unlawful annexation of Kashmir; acting as a mere spectator of mass genocide in Rwanda to the blood bath in Syria; United Nations -the emblem of international cooperation- founded on the golden principles of prevention of war and fostering peace, couldn’t realize it’s actual vision. It was founded in

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