The Nightmare in the Katya

The officer kept both hands on my shoulders and asked in a hurry, “Are you okay young boy?” My heart was pounding at its peak. He gave me a glass of water and told me in gestures to be seated. I nodded and took the glass from him. It was a small room with two pictures hanging behind the officer’s chair. Some files, a stick and slouch hat were resting on the table. A sofa was also placed in one corner of the room.

The police officer inquired about the incident. I was extremely nervous and started stuttering my words in fright. But I gathered myself and began to explain…that how I left the party and started moving towards home. After a few minutes of the journey I arrived at a dark and thick jungle. Anyone wanting to go to the town from the city, has to traverse through this unruly and scary jungle. It was known to the natives as the Katya jungle.

The road was too smooth but extremely dark. It was murky and covered by thick forest trees like umbrellas cover men in the rain. When I reached the midpoint of the jungle, I saw something…my eyes could not stand the horrifying sight and I almost fell unconscious. I could not see anything but heard a huge sound of something hitting my car. I stopped, and came out to see what has happened.

A monstrous and grisly beast was lying on the ground. She was writhing with pain, drowned in blood and about to die. It was one of the coldest nights of December yet I was sweating out of fear and anxiety. I hurriedly moved into my car. My hands were trembling with and I was unable to start the car. I succeeded at the third attempt and began my journey once again.

When I had just moved a few paces I felt a weird shadow following me. The feeling grew stronger and stronger and I looked into the rear-view mirror. It was the same beast. I sped up the car but it was all in vain and before I could escape, the beast came exceedingly close. I stopped my car, gathered my wits and took up my gun. I knew that only a single shot can save me from the beast or I am dead myself. With my hands trembling with fear, I fired. It fell on the ground…and died.

I was busy narrating the whole incident to the officer but to my horror saw the same beast approaching the office window. My eyes could not believe this and I screamed with horror but woke up only to find myself in my bed.

About the author: Mr. Bilal Shah Daavi is a student of English literature at the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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