The Last Days of Socrates by Plato

The Last days of Socrates

The ApologyEuthyphroCrito, and Phaedo are all Platonic dialogues that relates to the discussions between Socrates and various people and entities. So the dialogues in the book The Last Days of Socrates in actual represents the opinion of his teacher: Socrates.

I tell you that…examining both myself and others is really the very best thing that a man can do, and that life without this sort of examination is not worth living

Socrates, Apology

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These dialogues and discussions do not represents the Plato’s own opinion. Every discussion and dialogue is subject to cross examination and deep inquiry. As a result, these dialogues leave the reader with more avenues for investigation and deeper meanings into matters of life.

The only thing I know is that I know nothing, and i am no quite sure that I know that


The character of Socrates, serves as the leading protagonist in Plato’s works. Even when Socrates presents a fully formed theory, it is put to thorough cross examination (in dialogue with the other person) but is never put forward as a doctrine. Socrates believes that the purpose of his dialogues is to fully comprehend the true meaning of life.

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