It Sticks to your lips, yet you don’t know what’s inside your Lipstick?

Next time before you stick it to your lips, you better know what is inside your Lipstick! So while most of the brands have common elements, the ingredients may vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. They all want to do the same thing, and that’s to make your lips look more prettier and of course they want you to buy it!

Is it Harmful?

Some reports revealed late in 2007 that lead is found in many of the most popular lipstick brands (1). Although none of us eat our lipstick 🙂 but once you lick your lips, eat or drink anything, traces of lip color do get inside. Although only small traces of lead was found in the lipstick but even that is cause of concern for our health. This becomes a much bigger concern when we hear the reports that we consume approximately four pounds of lipstick in our lives!

Typical Lipstick Ingredients

There may be more than 50 ingredients present in a lipstick. Here we mention only some of the typical ingredients you will find in a lipstick with a little variation (2):

  • Wax (35%): Whether it’s beeswax, candelilla wax, or camauba wax, this is the ingredient that make it solid.
  • Oil (30%): Mineral, lanolin, castor or vegetable oil are added to the wax.
  • Preservatives and antioxidants and texturing agents (10%): This keeps your lipstick fresh, safe and prevents it from going bad.
  • Pigment/colour (20%): This is, of course, the color, which varies widely. Pigmentation make it pretty.
  • Fragrance (5%): This is usually present only in small quantity and should smell pleasant.

Further details of these ingredients are easily available and it is always better to know more when it comes to our health.

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