Effective Skincare Routine

For some of us making time everyday for our skincare is a quite an uphill task. So it is a good idea to schedule time each day to take care of your skin. A skin care routine will not only provide physical benifits but will also help to start your day with a happy mood.

Contrary to what beauty gurus and skincare product ads suggest, you don’t need to spend a lot in terms of money or time to have an effective skincare routine.

The right routine starts with knowing what kind of skin you have. Then you’ll know how to take care of it. There are five basic types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combination skinSkin type is determined by genetics.

  • Dry skin is flaky, scaly, or rough.
  • Oily skin is shiny, with heightened sebum, and may have big pores.
  • Combination skin is dry in some spots (cheeks) and oily in others (forehead, nose, and chin).
  • Sensitive skin may burn, or itch after you use some makeup or other products.
  • Normal skin is well- balanced, clear, and not sensitive.

Skincare really doesn’t need to be complicated. The more simpler the better. Here are a few things you can do to keep your skin healthy

  • Be calm and relaxed
  • Take a warm shower or bath in the morning.
  • Wash and moisturize your face in the morning and at night before sleep.
  • Drink detox water.
  • When going out, apply 50+ sunscreen. Using it generously and reapply frequently (every 2 to 3 hours).
  • Take vitamins.
  • Senitize your cellphone and headphones

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