Hooker’s Lips

Hooker's Lips

One doesn’t need to be extra smart to guess how this plant got its name. You can call it the Hooker’s Lips Plant but its scientific name is Psychotria elata. The bright red lips-like you see in the picture are not petals of a flower but only the bracts. These bracts remain in this lips-like state for a few days and then a yellow or white flower appears from within the bracts.

The Psychotria elata or the Hooker’s Lips is found in tropical regions of Colombia and Panama. It is considered an endangered species due to massive deforestation and high demand. Its fruits are oval berries that turn blue or black when mature.

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The Hooker’s Lips is very difficult to grow as it requires a warm, humid and moist climate. The grower needs to provide the plant with a shelter to protect it from the adverse and harsh effects of sun rays.

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