Have you ever wondered where does the unclaimed baggage from the airlines go? Well, you might want to visit one of the world’s most interesting places: Unclaimed Baggage Center. This centre actually buys unclaimed luggage from the airlines and resells the items from these bags to the market. As soon as the luggage arrives at the centre it is then divided and sorted. The laundry items are dry-cleaned, the jewelry is properly assessed, and the electronic equipment is tested and cleared out to be put out for sale. The centre claims to put out 7,000 new items for sale each day.

Over 99.5% of the bags on the domestic airline’s are picked up from the baggage conveyor belt. The airlines conduct an extensive three-month tracing process of the remaining .5% of unclaimed bags which results in a small fraction of a percent of bags that are left unclaimed. The airlines sell the remaining unclaimed baggage property to Unclaimed Baggage Center.

People have found some crazy things at the store, ranging from a bag with fifty vacuum-packed frogs to a 40-carat emerald, to a 4,000-year-old Egyptian burial mask.

Would you believe that the Unclaimed Baggage Center is now one of Scottsboro’s top tourist attractions that attracts over a million visitors a year from USA and over 40 foreign countries?

Visit https://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/about/timeline/ to know more about their story.

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