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Coffee not Essential for life, Swiss Government Concludes


Switzerland has been storing emergency reserves of coffee along with other vitale staple foods since World War I to prepare for potential shortages. It has continued this practice in subsequent decades to effectively meet any shortages sparked by war, natural disasters or epidemics. It currently has upto 15,300 tonnes of coffee saved up – this is enough to last for

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Should Pakistan and Israel Establish Diplomatic Ties?

Israel Pakistan Dialogue

Well, do the analysis subjectively and you will end up saying: No. On the other hand, a fact based, realistic and measurable approach is the key to success in the realm of international politics. A Quick Reality Check As of today, 164 out of 193 member countries in the United Nations recognize the state of Israel as an independent state,

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The More we do, the Greater the Benefit!

Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a vital role in improving our quality of life. It improves health and reduces the risk of several diseases. Physically active people garner immediate and long term health benefits. The rule of thumb is: the more we do, the greater the benefit! So, let’s get moving! Keep Your Children Physically Active! It is essential to keep your

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Book Review: Lawrence of Arabia’s War by Neil Faulkner

Lawrence of Arabia's War Cover

Before you read the book The Middle East map we see today was never the same before the first world war. It was the defeat of the Ottoman empire at the hands of the British empire that primarily shaped the borders of modern day Middle East. Thomas Edward Lawrence, a British army officer, played a decisive role along with the

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