Water Your Life!

Water is life! And why wouldn’t it be? As it forms the main constituent of the fluids inside most living organisms. It approximately makes up to 75% of human body and is essential for all known forms of life. Even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients, it is in itself a complete nutrient. Here are some of the important nutritional facts about water

Nutritional Facts of Plain Water

Calculate Your Water Intake!

Our body consistently looses fluids through sweating, breathing and during the excretion process. If your body is not getting enough water, it will react by pulling water from other places including your blood. This can cause closing of smaller vessels, making your blood thicker and thus more susceptible to clotting. To compensate for this loss and a healthy lifestyle, proper water intake is extremely essential. The amount of water you should be drinking can be calculated based on your weight. You can use the following equation as a rule of thumb, this equation appeared in an article written by Yuri Elkaim published in U.S. News & World Report.

Calculate your water Intake

Drinking more water can facilitate a normal functioning of the body. It maintains blood volume, regulates body temperature and delivers nutrients from food to all body tissues. Here are some of the vital functions that water performs in our body

Health Benefits of Water

Water is crucial and vital for a healthy and happy life. Water is life!….so


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