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Water Your Life!

Water is life! And why wouldn’t it be? As it forms the main constituent of the fluids inside most living organisms. It approximately makes up to 75% of human body and is essential for all known forms of life. Even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients, it is in itself a complete nutrient. Here are some of the

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Realism and RealPolitik in International Relations Theory

Realism is a school of thought in international relations that believes that the behaviour of a state in international politics is governed by human nature which is inherently flawed. Classical Realists believe that as human nature is flawed, greedy and insecure, therefore people compete for scarce resources and consequently attack one another. The conflict, therefore, in international politics occurs as

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Health Benefits of Oats

Oats are 100% no-preservatives, real food with no additives. They provide high nutritional value at an economical price. Oats have received the ‘official imprimatur’ of the nutritionists and health experts worldwide due to the presence of high level of soluble fibers (2 grams per half cup of rolled oats). Soluble fibers from oats are more satisfying as they absorb water

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Ibn Batuta and The Settlements of Madaen-e-Saleh

The famous muslim traveller Ibn Batuta entered Tabuk from Syria in year 1326 AD. The city of Tabuk is located in north of present day Saudi Arabia (near Jordan). After travelling five days from Tabuk (while heading towards Medina) he enters a place called Al-Hijr where the ancient civilization of Thamud once thrived. The Greeks have also mentioned about the

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The Canal of Zubayda

There is a popular belief that Zubayda the daughter of Ja’far (died 10 July 831 AD) and wife of the famous Caliph Haroon Ur Rasheed had constructed a thousands of kilometer long water canal right from Baghdad to the holy city of Mecca. But the reality is a bit different. In actual she had built huge water reservoirs at various

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